To all my fellow animals out there, including the human kind.

Hi all!

It’s been quite the week with news from all corners of the planet, mostly not so nice news about how my fellow animals are being treated by human kind.  I don’t know about you but I take offence to that.  I care so much about this earth and ALL its creatures and I have many friends amongst animals and humans, so don’t get me wrong,  I love them all.   But…and there is a big ‘but’…I almost feel like I need to apologise for how my fellow beings are being treated by humans.

From the recent homeless dog kill laws in Romania and Bulgaria, soon to be the same in Bosnia and other places (I take special offence to that one, since I am a dog on the road right now), to pigs being slaughtered while still awake in Europe and the live export of cows and sheep from Australia to the Middle East and Africa where they won’t be treated too well when they arrive, to families paying for the right to shoot and kill grazing elephants in Africa.

Oh and I have to give a special mention to the US Navy who is proposing to kill and injure 33 Million plus whales, dolphins and other sea creatures with sonar during their war game exercises in the already stressed North Pacific.  As if Fukushima radiation, millions of tons of garbage and dolphin murder in Taiji, and the Japan whale killing season, which is about to begin, weren’t already enough.

On top of all that the newest cruelty of cruelties is happening in Peru, where fishermen catch dolphins, then skin them and then use their skins to fish for sharks who in turn get their fins cut off to be sold to the Chinese for shark fin soup.  Depressed yet?  I am.  I am also outraged and sad and mad all at the same time.  And yet, I still love humans because there are a lot of good ones out there, who are trying very hard to do something about all of this.

But then there are those going about their business as usual, ignoring all this.  We don’t want to know all that, you say?  We’re fine, our lives are good and peaceful.  Well, it won’t go away from not knowing.  You can only start caring when you start learning about these things.  I don’t like being the bearer of bad news but this needs to be said.  Enough with the cruelty!  Animals may need each other for food  but we don’t kill with cruelty in mind.  We may kill to survive.  Some humans enjoy killing way too much for my taste for whatever ill-conceived reasons.  There is more news on the subject but enough for now, since I don’t want to send anyone over the edge.

The question beckons though….how much more can animals take and how much more are humans willing to dish out before it will be too late for some species already on the brink?  If you care and want to take the time to do something about it here’s a list of things to do:

1. Go hug your dog! Or cat, if you must. 🙂 Just kidding, I like cats.

2. Hug someone else’s dog if you don’t have one!

3. No dogs anywhere near?  Hug a tree, walk barefoot in the grass…connect with your earth, feel her and her pain.  She will still give you energy even if she is in pain just like your mother did when you were a kid.

4.Choose cruelty free food.

5.Consume less.

6.Reuse and recycle.

7.Join a cause or donate your time and/or money to an animal rights advocate groups, environmental groups, anti-whaling groups etc., sign a petition or two.

8.Teach your kids to treat each other and animals well. And Kids! Be nice to your siblings, friends and pets!

10. Buy my story for your kids. They will not only enjoy my story but also learn how to care for animals, humans and the environment.

11. Sign up to this blog and share it on Facebook, twitter etc.




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