Climate Change, Global Warming, Global Cooling?

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Recently there have been a lot of discussions about Climate Change, whether it is changing, warming or cooling and of course— who is responsible?  The different corners blame each other for various reasons.  Industrial pollution is to blame, carbon dioxide is to blame, too many people are to blame…

Well!  Humans are responsible in some way or another and there is no doubt about that.   More likely humans are causing Climate Change in all ways listed above. I wonder sometimes what the point is to fight about who did what, since it’s clearly happening and I mean all of it.  In some parts of the planet it’s getting colder and the ice is getting thicker and in other parts it’s the opposite,it’s getting hotter and it’s melting faster than ever.  The sun is getting stronger with more flares and cosmic radiation hitting the earth… some say it’s just a cycle.  The oceans are warming up and currents are shifting and changing.  Islands are disappearing at an alarming rate and storms are bigger and more fierce than ever. 7 billion humans are contributing to it and are at the effect of our climate changing and so are all of the animals.

Floods in Europe, storms in the USA and Asia, droughts and fires in Australia and so on.  It’s happening whether people believe in it or not.  The best thing for all of us, humans and animals would be to just acknowledge that and then do whatever we can about it.

Everyone can help.  They can use less, consume less, throw away less and become a steward of this earth rather than a user of it.   She’s all we have!   Instead people are burning fossil fuels and consuming like there’s no tomorrow.  Forests are being cut down at alarming rates and the ocean, our biggest producer of the oxygen we need to breathe, is being over fished, polluted with garbage and poisoned with chemicals and radiation.  The point is that all of these things together, not one particular action, are causing climate change!

A special note goes to my friends in Australia, around Sydney where lots of people have lost their houses and lots of animals their lives in the current fires; fires that started because of humans and their activity and sometimes inactivity.  It’s also an indication of how bad things already are with climate change.  It’s only October and already extremely hot in Australia.  They’ve also had the hottest winter on record with very little to no rain.  It’s going to be a tough summer for some.  My heart goes out to you Down Under.
Climate Change is here and getting worse!



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