Is the world running on fear? Your fear?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. I’ve been in observer mode for some time, looking at the goings on in the world and I can tell you that there is a distinct smell of fear coming from most humans. I have a dog’s nose after all and I can smell fear from a mile away. I can see and hear why people are generating so much fear but I have to tell you that your fear is the fuel that generates more to be afraid of. It’s a loop, never ending. Events are created to make you afraid and then your fear becomes the fuel to keep these events going or create spin off events to continue the cycle. You see, the creatures who run this distorted show are not creative by design, they cannot make anything happen without your emotional input. You are their food, their nourishment. They cannot exist without our creativity or emotional connection, so they conjure up ideas, events and narratives that manufacture a reaction in humans, namely anxiety and fear. There are so many things to be afraid of, angry at, sad for and confused by, the list is endless. Clearly a big shift is occurring that the ‘powers that want to be’ are trying to stop from happening. The best advice I have is stop watching the circus unfolding, stop believing what you hear, stop starring at the train wreck and start connecting to your own nose and smell the BS you are being offered. Humans have all the power, if only they would wake up and take charge of the situation.

How, you ask? Well, start now, breathe, take the muzzle off if you are still wearing one and breathe so deeply like never before. Imagine yourself pulling in your life energy with every breath. Then go out into nature and hug a tree, smell the flowers, play in the snow, walk barefoot on the earth, go for a swim in a natural body of water, whatever is possible for you wherever you are, get out of your self proclaimed prisons and walk into nature and connect. Sit for a while every day and feel your spirit coming back to yourself. You have the power to stop the timeline that’s being rammed down your throats daily on TV, in newsprint and radio or on anti-social media. You can stop this by disengaging.

Do what dogs do, rest more, smell the beautiful interesting things around you, play more, exercise and just be. Stop helping forecast bad things and start co-creating the timelines you want to live in. It’s up to you. I know we can do this. Join me!