What if…

Hi All,

What if we had all the solutions to fix things on this planet already?  What if we had all the food we’d ever need?  What if we had all the technology to clean up the mess humans leave behind?  What if we had enough of everything..housing, money, resources, water, food, renewable energy and so on?  What if we could live in peace and harmony and health with everyone and everything on this earth?

I know that we have enough of everything already now to fix it all.  So, why aren’t humans doing what they can to do so?  The lack of willingness?
We all make choices every day.  Who do you associate with?  Who do you support with your time and your attention and your money?  You get more of what you give your time to.  Give your money to a company or an individual who is out of integrity and you get more of it, since they grow from your contribution.  If you want things to be different, do something different.  Research who you support with your spending.  Find out who the people are you might be working for.  Integrity takes work but it’s also the only way to truly change things for the better.  It’s about learning  and changing our habits for the better as we learn.  Everyone’s decisions contribute to either a better world or a worse one.

The choice is yours!



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