COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris – Our Future…is it enough?

Hi all,

after a long hiatus my first blog in a long while is actually a guest blog from a Facebook friend in Colorado , a young man who cares as much for the earth, the environment, all of humanity and the animal kingdom as I do.

His name is Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, he is the Youth Director of Earth Guardians
He and many of his fellow guardians have recently attended the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris.  Here is what he had to say now that the conference is over:

“These last two and a half weeks has been between balancing inspiration and madness. It felt like every step of the way, every action, every event was burning itself into history.  We are at a point in time where our actions are determining our future.  We are writing history.  We are building our legacy.  The legacy we will leave to future generations.

I’ve been in Paris for the more than two weeks with a delegation of Earth Guardian leaders here to represent the voices of our generation and take part in the grassroots movement during the negotiations.  We have rallied, we have spoken, we have collaborated with thousands of youth from around the world who gathered in this city to have a say in the decision-making process that will determine our future.  And now the negotiations are over.

The documents are signed and COP 21 has come to an end.  Another year of gathering for the Conference of Parties come and gone.  And still, after 21 years of meetings. After 21 years of destruction.  After 21 years of exponential increases in climate destruction across the globe. After 21 years of the increased suffering of frontline and indigenous communities, people of color, women and children, these agreements are still not enough.

12363192_1005086486199126_3039813577464254639_oThe evidence is clear.  The science is present.  The stories are being told.  Lives are being lost. Communities being destroyed.  People being displaced.  Forests burning.  Seas rising.  Glaciers melting.  Islands sinking into the ocean.  Unprecedented floods and droughts devastating communities.  This is not a game.  This is not about politics.  This is not about leadership.  This is not about money.  It’s not even about the environment anymore.  This is about every living person and creature on the planet, our lives and our safety being threatened by the greatest issue of our time, climate change.
All this and it still isn’t enough.  Not enough has already been lost to show our world leaders that they need to make significant change to reverse the affects of climate change and prevent further destruction.  But for the first time in history, we have a global agreement on climate change.  And it is a start, but isn’t enough.  It is a step in the right direction.  But his does not mean our movement can slow down.
Where world leaders fall short in their actions, our movement will make up for their fear of change.  This isn’t about waiting for their leadership.  It’s about taking the power into our own hands and using our voices and our fire to set blaze to a movement.  While leaders were finalizing documents we were rallying in the streets.
Tens of thousands of us.  Coming together to celebrate.  To show the world that the solutions we need.  The change we want.  And the world we are envisioning will not be brought to us by our leaders.  Justice will not come from world leaders.  Justice for our climate, justice for our people, justice for frontline communities and our indigenous brothers and sisters will not come from the system that created our oppression in the first place.
Change is coming.  We are rising with the oceans.  There is no time to spare.  We’ve already run out of time.  People are already suffering.  Every person on the planet owes it to the Earth, to their children, and to every generation to come, to be the change they want to see and to march for action, fight for solutions, and stand for a healthy, sustainable future.  COP 21 is over. But the fight of our lives, has just begun.”

Here you have it!

There isn’t much else to say other than kids and adults alike care and we all need to do our part!  Eva Trust who wrote my story down for you in the book Lahni’s Mission actually talks about all of this, so if you haven’t got it already, go here and get it, read it and then read it to your kids and get them involved!  The time is now!

More soon!

Yours, Lahni

Plastic…the once considered magic stuff that won’t ever go away

Guest writer today: Eva

Hi All

People use plastic everywhere, whether poor or rich or in-between.  They may not even have a house or home but surely something they possess is made from plastic.  Most of them use it every day without a thought about what to is, who made it, what it’s made of and what will happen to it when they are done with it.  It ends up in landfills and water ways mostly, and then ultimately in the ocean.  We’ve known this for some time now and haven’t done much to stop any of it.  I wrote about this in my book Lahni’s Mission (good book:-)…get it for your kids 10+), which I finished a year ago and published last October online on this blog.

I thought nothing was going to change much but in the last few months all of a sudden I noticed a huge difference.  For instance, I went for stroll on my favourite beach today, on Winter solstice,  in Australia and I only had to pick up a couple of bits of garbage along my walk.  That’s a big change…normally I would’ve filled an entire plastic bag (also found on the beach) while walking just along the water’s edge.  I’ve even done a photo series on this documenting some of the more recognisable trash with my camera.

Anyway to get back to my point…in the last few months a few groups have taken it upon themselves to clean up where they run (click on the hyper link to get more info about where you can join and help).  They are called Responsible Runners Bondi….there is a group by the same name in Maroubra as well and  other beaches in Sydney and around Australia.  There is also a group called Plastic Pollution Coalition who bring awareness and attention to the issue of plastic…everywhere!  They share articles, information and what to do about it.

It’s pretty much a given that plastic is here to stay but it’s not a given that we have to be choked by it and that we have to keep polluting the earth and the oceans with it.  Become responsible by thinking about what you use, why you use it and how you dispose of it.  To start with we can all make a pledge to go Plastic Free in July this year to help with the clean up.  Our environment needs a break…please give Plastic a break!

Yours, Eva

with Lahni


War… a very questionable human invention

Hi all

Why do humans wage wars against each other?  Why do they practice so much for something almost everybody says they don’t want?  Why do people put up with governments making these decisions when clearly it isn’t in the interest of the majority to do so?

I’m really baffled by these questions, I must say and I asked many human friends I encountered about this and not one of them could really answer it for me, not all the way at least.  Humans talk about food shortages and water shortages and land shortages and money shortages to pay for the basic stuff they need to run a country, even survive the day in some cases, so why on earth would anyone spend billions of their money, whatever they call it, on war?

War is something animals don’t understand.  From what I found out it’s pretty much a way of dealing with problems by making more problems.  Just now, there are apparently many armed conflicts as you humans call them…and to my astonishment they  want to stop one such armed conflict by throwing bombs on it and sending more soldiers and weapons there.  Hmm, to stop it..they say.  As I found out, this particular conflict was actually started by the same country that now wants to “intervene” with more war. ????  I’m very confused by this.  Humans talk about peace all the time but what I see is the opposite.  Can anyone answer these questions for me please…my animal friends want to know as well.




A tiny world facing massive changes

This planet is so small…I used to think otherwise or at least I didn’t think much about it at all when I was living my life with my siblings doing my work for my people…herding and sled dog work in East Siberia that was.  Until one day I had this dream about things not being well on this earth.  Eva wrote about this in the book  ‘Lahni’s Mission’ about my journey that followed the dream.

I know lots of good stuff is happening in a lot of places.  And recently on my Europe trip I noticed a lot of people awake and caring about their environment.  But they seem to be in the minority still…unfortunately there are too many not awake yet and if they know about things not working, they seem to be unwilling to change their ways or choose to look the other way.

Well, guess what?  The world around us is changing so fast that whether they are in denial or awake, a very big change is here.

Bees are leaving this place at an alarming rate…scientists seem to now know it’s some pesticides and other chemicals used to “enhance” the growth of crops but the greater community is oblivious to these facts and aren’t willing to stop it.  The manufacturers of these chemicals are not willing and neither are regulators who are in charge of the environment and its health.

Climate change is happening whether they think so or not; whether made by humans, deliberately or unintentionally, it’s happening now.

Mass die-offs are happening everywhere and not just amongst bees.  Millions of fish are dying and washing up on beaches everywhere; sea lions, dolphins and whales are beaching themselves.  Birds are falling out of the sky.  The science community is seemingly shrugging its shoulders saying that it’s normal, or not so bad yet.    Yet people keep on keeping on, digging for more “resources” like oil and coal and iron ore, to make more things out of these resources no one needs, to make more money no one can eat or breathe or drink and with it they destroy the very fabric of life around them.  We only have this little tiny planet!  We only have a finite amount of water and not much of it is clean anymore, we only have a so much clean air.  When is enough enough?

How bad should it get?   How many animals should die?  How many humans should die first?

I’ve heard a few people say that all they care about is how their own family is and if they are ok right now, everything else doesn’t matter.  We live on a very small round planet.  Everything anybody does on here has an effect on something or someone, which in turn keeps rippling along like the waves a stone makes after falling in the water.  It’s virtually impossible to be impact-free and live here at the same time.  People need to wake up!  It’s time, well actually it’s way past  the time to wake up.  Wake up, educate your children and get them to live different lives, caring about themselves and their neighbours, whether human or animal or plant.

Yes, this is alarming!  It’s not about being negative or positive anymore.  The damage is done but it can be stopped.  Change happens with every person making different choices now.



Cultures and Traditions… the modern excuse for abuse?

Hi All,

It’s been a while since Lahni voiced her opinion on this blog but today I, Eva, feel the need to do so on her behalf since she feels too sad for words about what’s been happening in the past week.  Violent events in Japan this week have given me the impetus to say a few things.  250 dolphins were captured, pods ripped apart for captive selection; 51 were taken including an albino baby kidnapped from its mother; then, after starving for 4 days,  42 were slaughtered and the rest driven back out to sea without their families intact.  Most of them juveniles…with an uncertain future ahead.  You probably heard about it in the news somewhere, since it made major rounds on all the big news channels on our TVs.  The Japanese response included two words that have been used for far too long as an excuse to abuse people and animals in the most awful of ways…namely ‘Tradition’ and ‘Culture’.

First of all, let’s see what they actually mean by that.  I found this…interesting!

Word History for tradition: The words tradition and treason both come from the same Latin source.  The Latin word traditio meant “teaching” or “tradition.”  These senses developed from its basic meaning, which was “the act of handing something over.”  Tradition is maintained by passing information from one generation to another.  One kind of treason is committed when someone who has been entrusted with secret information passes it on to someone else.  The word tradition was borrowed directly from the Latin traditio.  Treason, on the other hand, came to us through early French, where traditio had changed into the word traisun.”

“… a high level of taste and enlightenment as a result of extensive intellectual training and exposure to the arts…
Related Words education, erudition, learning, literacy, scholarship; sophistication, urbanity; breeding, gentility, manners; class, elegance, grace, taste; civility, courtesy, politeness
Near Antonyms ignorance, illiteracy; parochialism, provincialism, unsophistication; boorishness,… coarseness, crudeness, vulgarity

a. The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.

b. These patterns, traits, and products considered as the expression of a particular period, class, community, or population.

A bunch of bacteria huddled together in a petri dish is a culture, since they have the same agenda to keep growing in the same exact way without changing, they duplicate themselves again and again by handing over the same information to the next cell.  And so it goes with any behaviour that a people agree on being acceptable and desirable.  It’s nothing more than an agreement and a set of habits that get repeated long enough that everyone who follows assumes its normal.

 The question we have to ask ourselves if we want to keep evolving and growing past certain constraints, is what kind of results are we getting from the traditions and cultures of my people?  Is it helping further us as humans and as fellow spirits on this earth or isn’t it?  Is our behaviour hurting anyone or anything?  What are we leaving for the next generation?  How is what I’m doing affecting the natural world and it’s inhabitants?  How much pain are we inflicting with our culture and traditions?  Are we teaching my children to inflict more pain?

Tradition and culture should never be an excuse to be violent and cruel in any way and if it is,  it’s time to grow and do something different!

Many old established  cultures have been extremely violent in their traditions but humans grew out of those traditions because they woke up to the reality of what they did and stopped doing it, developing new traditions and cultures more in tune with their evolution.  

What is happening to dolphins, whales and many other animals in Japan and other cultures around the globe has nothing to do with tradition and culture, it has everything to do with a loss of culture and a distortion of traditions.  There is nothing remotely desirable or sophisticated about any of their behaviour in this case. 

So, in 2014, to still use Tradition and Culture as a reason to keep doing nasty things is unacceptable.   












with Lahni

Broken chains

Hi All

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

Some humans seem to think that somehow they are above the chain of life on earth.  They think they are the boss of and can dominate nature for their own gain.  Whether it’s a hunter who shoots another predator like a wolf or cougar or a genetically modified seed that is causing an imbalance, it’s all based in that same belief about dominance.

Any which way you look at it you can’t take one thing out of this chain without upsetting the balance.  Some humans think that they don’t need nature or aren’t even part of it.  That is an erroneous way of thinking, since humans, like all animals and all life, must understand that everything is connected and dependant on each other.  Survival is hard enough for most creatures, from finding food to providing shelter and nourishment and protection for their young; animals don’t need humans domineering agenda to interfere on top of it.  There is nothing remotely sporty about going out and shooting defenceless animals to simply boost your own ego or bank account.  There is nothing remotely clever about destroying the environment with industrial pollution for short-term gain.  There is nothing remotely smart about creating things that produce waste that will never go away or in a worst case scenario be more dangerous than the product itself. 

As long as human beings think they are above the natural world they will struggle and they will not understand why.

May the new year bring more awareness and connectedness on all levels between humans and the natural world.  I wish for all to awaken and consider a different way of life in harmony and interdependence with us and our earth.

It is the only planet we have after all.









A very Happy New Year to all,


Deliberate cruelty

Hi All

Deliberate cruelty is something very rare in nature.  Animals kill to live or even kill to propagate their own DNA as is the case with lions when they kill another’s offspring when taking over leadership of a pride.  Humans however are on many levels deliberately cruel— to each other and to other creatures.  Why?

Lets look at an example first before attempting to answer that.  On my travels I met many humans who were deliberately nice and caring to their fellow creatures but lately there have been many reports of deliberate cruelty out there and I would like to get to the bottom of it.  For example, in Taiji, Japan where fisherman routinely kill dolphins and whales while the rest of the pods, mostly juveniles or even babies watch on and listen.   Then they take the young back out to sea and dump them, knowing full well that they will suffer, not only from the shock of seeing and hearing their parents and relatives die a slow death but also because they won’t be able to survive on their own; they will starve or die from shock and broken hearts or they will fall prey to sharks.  Any which way you look at this practice, it’s a deliberate act of cruelty!

I woke up this morning thinking about why the people in Japan would do this?  What popped into my head was interesting.  The word that appeared was ‘competition’.  The Japanese love tuna, it’s their favourite and most prized fish.  It makes millions on markets worldwide.  It’s also one of the most rare fish now with 90% of it overfished.  Dolphins eat tuna fish, which means only one thing to these people:  They are competing with dolphins for their favourite food.  What goes on in Taiji and other places in Japan every season is  a way to eliminate the competition and a money-maker as well.  Selling dolphins to theme parks around the world is a way to make millions in the process.  But they not only kill the competition and profiteer, they are deliberately cruel in the process which brings me to my answer.

Very small children are often cruel and sometimes deliberately so.  They are unconscious, lack empathy and awareness of other’s emotions and feelings.  They want what they want without a thought of anyone else in the equation.  Many grow out of that being taught to care and share by their parents and they become upstanding, caring citizens.  But many don’t and they stay in that mode for life.

We seem to have entire countries of humans,  with some exceptions amongst them as always, who are no more developed than toddlers.

It’s a freighting thought but if you look at all the cruelty being dished out across this planet by so-called civilised grown-ups who are capable of creating technology at the highest levels, including the technology to kill more deliberately and efficiently, I wonder how many real adults walk this earth?  Obviously, this doesn’t just happen in Japan and not just to dolphins or whales.  It happens to dogs and cats in Korea and Thailand and China.  It happens to wolves and coyotes in the USA.  It happens to elephants and lions in Africa. It happens to tigers and bears in Asia.  It happens to Kangaroos and dingoes in Australia. It happens to seals in Canada and Namibia and recently in New Zealand. It happens to a lot of sharks worldwide!  And it of course  happens to many humans all over this planet.  Not only are these creatures killed for food and medicine or survival but they are often killed for pleasure and personal gain in a very deliberately cruel and uncaring way.

I can only conclude that the people who commit deliberately cruel acts against fellow humans or animals, whether for profit or gain, hatred, competition or just to have the upper hand, are no more evolved than a 2-year-old child who has not been taught to be kind by his or her parents.  Respect for other life is something that needs to be passed down to children.  If the parents weren’t taught how to be compassionate or empathetic towards other life, children will not learn it either.  The result is entire nations of mostly uncaring people on the survival level.  No matter how sophisticated their level of  academic education and technology maybe, they will always be a bunch of toddlers running the show.  The only way to change that for humans is to wake up and assess their true level of evolution—I don’t mean the technological kind— and grow from there in a conscious way.




What if…

Hi All,

What if we had all the solutions to fix things on this planet already?  What if we had all the food we’d ever need?  What if we had all the technology to clean up the mess humans leave behind?  What if we had enough of everything..housing, money, resources, water, food, renewable energy and so on?  What if we could live in peace and harmony and health with everyone and everything on this earth?

I know that we have enough of everything already now to fix it all.  So, why aren’t humans doing what they can to do so?  The lack of willingness?
We all make choices every day.  Who do you associate with?  Who do you support with your time and your attention and your money?  You get more of what you give your time to.  Give your money to a company or an individual who is out of integrity and you get more of it, since they grow from your contribution.  If you want things to be different, do something different.  Research who you support with your spending.  Find out who the people are you might be working for.  Integrity takes work but it’s also the only way to truly change things for the better.  It’s about learning  and changing our habits for the better as we learn.  Everyone’s decisions contribute to either a better world or a worse one.

The choice is yours!



To all my fellow animals out there, including the human kind.

Hi all!

It’s been quite the week with news from all corners of the planet, mostly not so nice news about how my fellow animals are being treated by human kind.  I don’t know about you but I take offence to that.  I care so much about this earth and ALL its creatures and I have many friends amongst animals and humans, so don’t get me wrong,  I love them all.   But…and there is a big ‘but’…I almost feel like I need to apologise for how my fellow beings are being treated by humans.

From the recent homeless dog kill laws in Romania and Bulgaria, soon to be the same in Bosnia and other places (I take special offence to that one, since I am a dog on the road right now), to pigs being slaughtered while still awake in Europe and the live export of cows and sheep from Australia to the Middle East and Africa where they won’t be treated too well when they arrive, to families paying for the right to shoot and kill grazing elephants in Africa.

Oh and I have to give a special mention to the US Navy who is proposing to kill and injure 33 Million plus whales, dolphins and other sea creatures with sonar during their war game exercises in the already stressed North Pacific.  As if Fukushima radiation, millions of tons of garbage and dolphin murder in Taiji, and the Japan whale killing season, which is about to begin, weren’t already enough.

On top of all that the newest cruelty of cruelties is happening in Peru, where fishermen catch dolphins, then skin them and then use their skins to fish for sharks who in turn get their fins cut off to be sold to the Chinese for shark fin soup.  Depressed yet?  I am.  I am also outraged and sad and mad all at the same time.  And yet, I still love humans because there are a lot of good ones out there, who are trying very hard to do something about all of this.

But then there are those going about their business as usual, ignoring all this.  We don’t want to know all that, you say?  We’re fine, our lives are good and peaceful.  Well, it won’t go away from not knowing.  You can only start caring when you start learning about these things.  I don’t like being the bearer of bad news but this needs to be said.  Enough with the cruelty!  Animals may need each other for food  but we don’t kill with cruelty in mind.  We may kill to survive.  Some humans enjoy killing way too much for my taste for whatever ill-conceived reasons.  There is more news on the subject but enough for now, since I don’t want to send anyone over the edge.

The question beckons though….how much more can animals take and how much more are humans willing to dish out before it will be too late for some species already on the brink?  If you care and want to take the time to do something about it here’s a list of things to do:

1. Go hug your dog! Or cat, if you must. 🙂 Just kidding, I like cats.

2. Hug someone else’s dog if you don’t have one!

3. No dogs anywhere near?  Hug a tree, walk barefoot in the grass…connect with your earth, feel her and her pain.  She will still give you energy even if she is in pain just like your mother did when you were a kid.

4.Choose cruelty free food.

5.Consume less.

6.Reuse and recycle.

7.Join a cause or donate your time and/or money to an animal rights advocate groups, environmental groups, anti-whaling groups etc., sign a petition or two.

8.Teach your kids to treat each other and animals well. And Kids! Be nice to your siblings, friends and pets!

10. Buy my story for your kids. They will not only enjoy my story but also learn how to care for animals, humans and the environment.

11. Sign up to this blog and share it on Facebook, twitter etc.




Climate Change, Global Warming, Global Cooling?

Hi All

Recently there have been a lot of discussions about Climate Change, whether it is changing, warming or cooling and of course— who is responsible?  The different corners blame each other for various reasons.  Industrial pollution is to blame, carbon dioxide is to blame, too many people are to blame…

Well!  Humans are responsible in some way or another and there is no doubt about that.   More likely humans are causing Climate Change in all ways listed above. I wonder sometimes what the point is to fight about who did what, since it’s clearly happening and I mean all of it.  In some parts of the planet it’s getting colder and the ice is getting thicker and in other parts it’s the opposite,it’s getting hotter and it’s melting faster than ever.  The sun is getting stronger with more flares and cosmic radiation hitting the earth… some say it’s just a cycle.  The oceans are warming up and currents are shifting and changing.  Islands are disappearing at an alarming rate and storms are bigger and more fierce than ever. 7 billion humans are contributing to it and are at the effect of our climate changing and so are all of the animals.

Floods in Europe, storms in the USA and Asia, droughts and fires in Australia and so on.  It’s happening whether people believe in it or not.  The best thing for all of us, humans and animals would be to just acknowledge that and then do whatever we can about it.

Everyone can help.  They can use less, consume less, throw away less and become a steward of this earth rather than a user of it.   She’s all we have!   Instead people are burning fossil fuels and consuming like there’s no tomorrow.  Forests are being cut down at alarming rates and the ocean, our biggest producer of the oxygen we need to breathe, is being over fished, polluted with garbage and poisoned with chemicals and radiation.  The point is that all of these things together, not one particular action, are causing climate change!

A special note goes to my friends in Australia, around Sydney where lots of people have lost their houses and lots of animals their lives in the current fires; fires that started because of humans and their activity and sometimes inactivity.  It’s also an indication of how bad things already are with climate change.  It’s only October and already extremely hot in Australia.  They’ve also had the hottest winter on record with very little to no rain.  It’s going to be a tough summer for some.  My heart goes out to you Down Under.
Climate Change is here and getting worse!