A Better World for Everyone perhaps? Rather than the proposed “New Normal”!

2020 has shown us that things can change in an instant for worse or for better. The current situation has clearly been manipulated to be for worse rather than better and the nefarious intentions of those who orchestrated it are as clear as daylight. Conspiracies aside, everyone at this point is having that feeling in their gut that something major is awry with the mainstream narrative. Every day we are served up more lies, more crazy scenarios and more distortions! When is enough enough? We need a major recalibration of our thinking and our spirits to co-create a better world, not a more controlling, more restricted, more unhealthy one! Here is a guest writer’s view on this, with which I wholeheartedly agree:

From a fellow blogger:

“Hey there, I’m going to be straightforward here…WTF are you doing?Whatever it is, it’s probably wrong…If you’re like most people, you feel a weird underlying sense that something is off. Almost like you’re driving a bike with a wobbly wheel. You may have good health, a great job and a happy family (or you may not). But you still feel like there’s something else preventing you from being content. Sure, you have moments here and there that you enjoy. Like the last time you went skiing or surfing. But here in this moment…this second right now…something is off. And no, it’s not my writing. In fact, you’re probably using this newsletter to distract you from that feeling that something is off. What the hell is that? This is what the buddhists refer to as dukkha and I think they’re spot on. But the truth is that absolutely nothing is preventing you from being absolutely content right here and now. The challenge is that it requires an immense amount of training. And modern society is woefully unequipped to teach you how to…Almost like learning how to manage money from a homeless person, every single institution is incompetent today.Instead, western society teaches you (explicitly and implicitly through nudges) to go all in on consumeristic, hedonistic individualism. The overarching assumption is that a life of consumption and pleasure as a maximally free and atomic individual will be the best. But that vision has unequivocally failed. Everybody is burnt out from thinking about themselves and the next dopamine hit all day. Don’t you feel it? Instead of questioning the basic axioms of their lives, most people just hustle on even faster when any discomfort appears. Like zombies, but instead of human flesh, modern humans use work, shopping and drugs to numb their pain away all while thinking that more work or different shopping or [insert other external thing here] will solve their issues. But your brain is terrible at determining what is best for you over the long run. Instead, like velcro, it will just latch on to whatever feels best in any given moment. Then, almost like a song is stuck in your head, it will train you with thoughts to keep coming back to that same thing. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP. From this perspective, the turmoil in the world right now may be the best thing for those open to changing. Here’s the truth that I realized: I have absolutely no clue how to live my life and what a good life truly is. (most people don’t- Lahni) I don’t even know what a human being really is on a fundamental level. Nor do I know what I’m doing on this earth (most people have no idea- Lahni). All I know is that more money, consumption and pleasure isn’t going to fill a deep existential void. That screaming at people online about the politics and news is a complete waste of life. (Nobody on their death bed ever was thankful for their political arguments). But it goes even deeper than that. I think a life focused on (only- Lahni) pleasure is also a life wasted. Because you end up trading your contentment 99% of the time for a fleeting sense of “being a rockstar” 1% of the time. Whereas, there truly is a deeper, abiding sense of equanimity and happiness out there. It just takes a complete transformation. This realization and opening is what the Greeks called Aporia. It’s painful, but necessary to change your life. This opening has allowed me to explore what it means to truly live a good and meaningful life. And let me tell you, as fun as Twitter and Netflix are, they are not the answers. Nor is completely dogmatic, secular atheism (which I once was…). Everybody wants to go back to normal right now, but is our normal really normal?- People slaving away for bosses they hate- Skyrocketing depression- 90% of people with metabolic syndrome- Swiping on tik tok and instagram all day. We need to use this crisis to create a new normal instead. (much better normal- I don’t agree with the use of this word NEW, since it has been misappropriated by the powers that were and their MSM – Lahni). I’m not saying that traditional judeo-christian monotheism is the answer either but individual, atomic, nothingness is also super depressing. To truly flourish, people need a system that helps to:- Ground them in the world- Explain what the world is- Teach us who we are- Instruct us how to act morally- Give them a sense of belonging. Many of these things religions provided and no longer do today. Modernity, like a religion, promises to save you from your anxiety and ills, but is a complete fantasy. Accelerating the gas pedal like we are today, is like accelerating a car towards a cliff… We’ve gone all in on progress, but it’s progress directed towards the wrong goals. If two people are walking the wrong way, the one who stops first actually makes the most progress. This is what we need. A fundamental turning around of reality. A kairotic experience. A completely new vision for society and human flourishing. Once you realize this, your life will never be the same. I hope you join me on this journey.

CA. with Lahni

Credit: www.carnivoreaurelius.com