A tiny world facing massive changes

This planet is so small…I used to think otherwise or at least I didn’t think much about it at all when I was living my life with my siblings doing my work for my people…herding and sled dog work in East Siberia that was.  Until one day I had this dream about things not being well on this earth.  Eva wrote about this in the book  ‘Lahni’s Mission’ about my journey that followed the dream.

I know lots of good stuff is happening in a lot of places.  And recently on my Europe trip I noticed a lot of people awake and caring about their environment.  But they seem to be in the minority still…unfortunately there are too many not awake yet and if they know about things not working, they seem to be unwilling to change their ways or choose to look the other way.

Well, guess what?  The world around us is changing so fast that whether they are in denial or awake, a very big change is here.

Bees are leaving this place at an alarming rate…scientists seem to now know it’s some pesticides and other chemicals used to “enhance” the growth of crops but the greater community is oblivious to these facts and aren’t willing to stop it.  The manufacturers of these chemicals are not willing and neither are regulators who are in charge of the environment and its health.

Climate change is happening whether they think so or not; whether made by humans, deliberately or unintentionally, it’s happening now.

Mass die-offs are happening everywhere and not just amongst bees.  Millions of fish are dying and washing up on beaches everywhere; sea lions, dolphins and whales are beaching themselves.  Birds are falling out of the sky.  The science community is seemingly shrugging its shoulders saying that it’s normal, or not so bad yet.    Yet people keep on keeping on, digging for more “resources” like oil and coal and iron ore, to make more things out of these resources no one needs, to make more money no one can eat or breathe or drink and with it they destroy the very fabric of life around them.  We only have this little tiny planet!  We only have a finite amount of water and not much of it is clean anymore, we only have a so much clean air.  When is enough enough?

How bad should it get?   How many animals should die?  How many humans should die first?

I’ve heard a few people say that all they care about is how their own family is and if they are ok right now, everything else doesn’t matter.  We live on a very small round planet.  Everything anybody does on here has an effect on something or someone, which in turn keeps rippling along like the waves a stone makes after falling in the water.  It’s virtually impossible to be impact-free and live here at the same time.  People need to wake up!  It’s time, well actually it’s way past  the time to wake up.  Wake up, educate your children and get them to live different lives, caring about themselves and their neighbours, whether human or animal or plant.

Yes, this is alarming!  It’s not about being negative or positive anymore.  The damage is done but it can be stopped.  Change happens with every person making different choices now.



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