War… a very questionable human invention

Hi all

Why do humans wage wars against each other?  Why do they practice so much for something almost everybody says they don’t want?  Why do people put up with governments making these decisions when clearly it isn’t in the interest of the majority to do so?

I’m really baffled by these questions, I must say and I asked many human friends I encountered about this and not one of them could really answer it for me, not all the way at least.  Humans talk about food shortages and water shortages and land shortages and money shortages to pay for the basic stuff they need to run a country, even survive the day in some cases, so why on earth would anyone spend billions of their money, whatever they call it, on war?

War is something animals don’t understand.  From what I found out it’s pretty much a way of dealing with problems by making more problems.  Just now, there are apparently many armed conflicts as you humans call them…and to my astonishment they  want to stop one such armed conflict by throwing bombs on it and sending more soldiers and weapons there.  Hmm, to stop it..they say.  As I found out, this particular conflict was actually started by the same country that now wants to “intervene” with more war. ????  I’m very confused by this.  Humans talk about peace all the time but what I see is the opposite.  Can anyone answer these questions for me please…my animal friends want to know as well.




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