Broken chains

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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

Some humans seem to think that somehow they are above the chain of life on earth.  They think they are the boss of and can dominate nature for their own gain.  Whether it’s a hunter who shoots another predator like a wolf or cougar or a genetically modified seed that is causing an imbalance, it’s all based in that same belief about dominance.

Any which way you look at it you can’t take one thing out of this chain without upsetting the balance.  Some humans think that they don’t need nature or aren’t even part of it.  That is an erroneous way of thinking, since humans, like all animals and all life, must understand that everything is connected and dependant on each other.  Survival is hard enough for most creatures, from finding food to providing shelter and nourishment and protection for their young; animals don’t need humans domineering agenda to interfere on top of it.  There is nothing remotely sporty about going out and shooting defenceless animals to simply boost your own ego or bank account.  There is nothing remotely clever about destroying the environment with industrial pollution for short-term gain.  There is nothing remotely smart about creating things that produce waste that will never go away or in a worst case scenario be more dangerous than the product itself. 

As long as human beings think they are above the natural world they will struggle and they will not understand why.

May the new year bring more awareness and connectedness on all levels between humans and the natural world.  I wish for all to awaken and consider a different way of life in harmony and interdependence with us and our earth.

It is the only planet we have after all.









A very Happy New Year to all,


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