The Cove is blue..some good news!

Hi all

Today is the 13th day the Cove in Taiji, a sleepy little town on the south-eastern coast of Japan, is clear and blue. Let me explain in case you don’t already know this: Taiji is a place where dolphins die a lot. They get captured by boats, driven into the Cove and then slaughtered for their meat or if left alive sold to sea world and aquariums around the world. You can read about here:  or connect with them on Facebook here:

Anyway, the last 13 days when the boats have gone out early in the morning, they’ve come back without dolphins. Our prayers are working. I wish for the people of Taiji to start an eco tourism business instead of murdering these beautiful creatures and if the dolphin drought continues, maybe this will happen one day.

I am happy today to hear about my dolphin friends being safe and staying away from the waters around Taiji.

Yours, Lahni





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