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This morning I woke up thinking about plastic, as you do sometimes.  And then I thought if I write about this again I’d be repeating myself and then again I thought this subject needs to be repeated again and again and again because a lot of people aren’t understanding how bad things out there really are.  As I said in one of my other posts already, I encountered as much plastic as anyone could in a lifetime on my recent journey around the Pacific.  The Great Pacific Garbage patch it’s called.  It’s nasty or ghastly as one of my little friend’s called it.  We met on a ship cruising through this massive “soup” of trash.  It was a sight like no other.

So how does this stuff end up in the ocean?  Well, ask yourself.  Have you ever thrown something on the ground not thinking about it?  Have you ever left a plastic bottle or a cup on a park bench after a lunch outside or did you grow up not ever being told by anyone to put your leftovers and wrappers and plastic and glass into a bin?  This plastic trash comes from humans, over-consuming uncaring, rich, poor, every walk of life humans.  It gets thrown overboard on ships, it gets flushed off streets and lawns when it rains.  It flies around as is the case with plastic bags and balloons.  It’s an unending cycle of consuming and throwing away.  Humans need to stop and start thinking about what they use and how they re-use and re-cycle and how they discard things that nature has no way of disposing with.

Today I heard another whale was found, a young male sperm whale with 100 plastic bags in his stomach.  Plastic bags look like jelly fish! Whales eat jelly fish!  It’s unavoidable when they open up their giant mouths that this stuff ends up in there and makes then sick and then kills them.  Every week a whale dies somewhere with plastic obstructing its bowel.  Too many animals are losing their lives for this stuff called Plastic.  So, say NO at the shop to that plastic bag that’s being offered! Bring your own fabric shopping bags or baskets with you.  Say NO to Plastic cups and plastic toys and so on… you know what I’m saying.  Be aware of your consumption!





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  1. Peter F says:

    Eva – Thank you for raising awareness. Do you know about Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative – a group working here in Sydney to address this dreadful problem – see

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