Heartaches, Not so sweet spills and a Pacific healing meditation

Hi all

Today my heart aches for my whale friends in Taiji.  A couple of days ago a  pod of pilot whales was driven into the cove.  Then  yesterday the unthinkable happened.  All the adult whales were killed for their meat while their young watched and heard their screams.  I know it’s awful but it needs to be said.  Someone needs to tell their story.   Everyone should know what’s going on.  The juveniles, as they are called, swam around in their families blood (can you imagine) until they were driven back out to sea to fend for themselves.  Now look at the situation as if it were your own.  You are hurdled into a small space with your family, where they separate the kids from the grown ups.  Then they kill all the adults  while their children watch and afterwards let the kids go out into the world to survive on their own.  Maybe this is too much news for a 10 year old but I think the children of this world who aren’t awake yet, need to wake up and  change things, otherwise there won’t be a future for many species, including humans.   I really feel for the whales and for the people who do this to them.  I offer a Hawaiian forgiveness prayer called Ho’oponopono to both the animals who suffered and the fishermen who inflicted the suffering.


As if that wasn’t enough bad news already!  This morning I heard about the very sticky, and sweet spill in Hawaii.  Molasses, the thick, sweet, black, sticky stuff made from sugar, all 1400 tons of it spilled in and around Sand Island into Honolulu Harbor.   Apparently everything is dead or dying.   You wouldn’t think Molasses could do so much damage but it changes the ph levels and it’s also very heavy and covered the entire bottom of the ocean where it spilled.  It’s an enormous environmental disaster; they say the biggest in recent Hawaiian History.  I was in Honolulu on my travels and I loved it there.  I am so sad this happened.  Which brings me to the next bit — something you can do about it with me.  Tomorrow we’re having a world prayer/meditation for the Pacific Ocean, Fukushima and Hawaii.  Why not incorporate the entire Pacific and everything in it and around it!

Here’s the link to the Facebook page for the event (Just copy and paste it).  Where ever you are in the world, just tune in and send your love at 12 noon.  This will create a wave of love around the world.



P.S. The book about my journey LAHNI’S MISSION is almost ready and will be on sale here soon!



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