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Lahni’s Mission— my mission began with a dream; not a happy dream but a nightmare of sorts.  You see, I’m just a dog, a working dog and I used to live in East Siberia, herding reindeer with my siblings and sharing life with my human family until one morning when I woke up from a horrible nightmare.  In the dream my world was falling apart; melting away to be exact.  It rattled me awake and left me with a million questions I didn’t know how to answer.  So after asking around in my neighbourhood I decided to go on a journey to meet humans who might know about these things and of course to ask all the other animals what’s happening in their world.  

Eva Trust is the author of my story.  She is an artist, photographer and writer currently residing in Sydney, Australia.  As it happens,  she was dreaming about me and decided to write down the story immediately upon waking.  She cares deeply for the environment and all the animals and people who share this world.   ‘Lahni’s Mission’ is her first novel. 

So here on this blog, Eva started for me, I want to talk about what’s happening out there in the world and share all the knowledge and interesting things I found on my way.   You can also connect to a lot of great people and groups out there via theses pages—we’ll be putting all the links on here for you.  My journey is ongoing,  so please join me along your travels in this world we share!  

Yours,  Lahni

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5 thoughts on “About Lahni’s Mission

  1. Charles says:

    I’m glad to see someone is covering this information. People need to wake up to what’s going on. Can’t wait for the book.

  2. Severine Coulanges says:

    Very informative on many important current issues that we should all be aware of.
    Can’t wait to read the book.


    Wonderful idea to educate people.
    Its so sad all nature resources like the sun and the oceans tides haven’t been utilized to power just about anything over 100 years ago. Because of the selfishness of man and corporations financial greed. Inventions using natural resources became a threat! Until recently. Nevertheless, we’re way behind compaired to other planets. No,I’m not crazy! I know theres other planets way ahead of us. Media and government knows but they deny …
    Humans are affraid of the unknown but I embrace it! Our world needs to get it together and save our planet because there’s no place for us to go! For now…
    Alaska is melting and fuel leaks are repaired only when broken. Millions and millions of sea creatures oxygen deprived because their gills or feathers and fur is loaded with oil due to the incompetence of man. I’m hoping I’m long gone before its our turn …

  4. Lou says:

    ah…and the images. Lovely stuff Eva.

  5. Hayley says:

    Really looking forward to reading this book… Sounds interesting!

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